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The Benefits of Choosing A GrateDrain Closed Waterproofing System

Basement with fireplace in new construction home

When waterproofing your basement one of the most important decisions you will make is whether to go with an open or closed basement drainage system. Advanced technology in the waterproofing industry has allowed for closed basement systems to become the wiser of the two choices. At Jamison we only install closed drainage systems which utilize a wall vapor barrier to direct water down into the sub-floor drainage. GrateDrain System, used by Jamison, is the ONLY patented closed basement drainage system in the industry. This method provides many benefits over an open system:

– Keeps toxic gases from reaching your living space: Gases within the soil such as radon and methane cannot rise up in the air with a closed system. The gases are trapped within the drain providing for a healthier living space.

– Prevents bug infestations within the basement: Bugs love damp and dark spaces such as basements. With a closed system the bugs get trapped in the drain ensuring you a pest-free basement.

– Provides healthier moisture levels: Closed basement systems ensure lower humidity since the moisture from the ground cannot evaporate into the air.

– Prevents mildew, mold and other harmful bacteria: As previously mentioned, a closed system comes with lower humidity. In turn, this prevents mold, mildew and other bacteria that are often common with the moisture levels of an open system.

Over 30 years of on the job experience have gone into engineering the GrateDrain system used by Jamison. These systems can be designed to meet the needs of any home, regardless of age or size. Call our basement experts today to discuss your waterproofing needs.