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Mutli Flue Chimney Caps

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Multi Flue Chimney Caps - See Pricing Below

Having a high quality Chimney Cap is one of the best things that you can do for the long term life of your chimney. Chimney Caps keep animals and debris out of chimney, prevent rain from falling into the flue and act as spark arrestors: catching burning embers or sparks that are caught in the draft of the fireplace. If you are in need of a Multi Flue Chimney Cap, call Jamison today!

Multi Flue Chimney Cap Pricing (Discount given if done at time of cleaning)

17 x 29 Stainless Steel Cap (C Cap, covers both furnace and fireplace) $410.00 Installed

17 x 41 Stainless Steel Cap (D Cap, generally for 3 flues) $425.00 Installed




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